Testing Services

Software Testing Services

In This Digital age, “manual” may sound like a bad word. But manual testing still have an important role to play, even for organisations that successfully automate most of their testing tasks.

While automated tests can streamline most of the testing required to release software, manual testing is used by QA teams to fill in the gaps and ensure that the final product really works as intended by seeing how end users actually use an application. Our QA starts the process of testing by first understanding the requirements of the software and With Expertise, they execute it with ease and perfection without any coding and special programs. Our QA deals with the problems on a conceptual level and from the point of view of users for both small and big projects.


Are all elements of the design arranged in a comfortable way?

Is it easy to get to elements with one finger?

Is it still easy if the user is using only one hand?

Mobile Testing Services we offer

UI/UX Testing

Mobile testing team will assure that your app has a user-friendly UI, encompassing key functions of the app and engaging UX, providing for positive user experience. As a part of UX testing, our mobile testing team also performs usability testing to assure that the product is handy and easy-to-use for your target audience.

Mobile Functional (Manual) Testing

However attractive and engaging an app, users will abandon it if the app crashes often or doesn’t’ work as expected. Our mobile testing team will assure that your app, including backend functionality, works as clockwork and meets the users’ needs to the fullest.

Mobile Apps we tests

Cross-platform apps (Xamarin, Cordova/PhoneGap, etc.)

Native apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)