Hire Resource

Hire Resource

In today’s technology oriented world, it is inevitable to overlook digital presence and hiring a right candidate to match all your technological needs for your business growth is very crucial.

We offer Dedicated teams of various sizes and skills, available for specific short term and long-term project. Whatever you plan to produce – a website, a mobile app or a game, with this model of cooperation you’ll have a full control over the process, while staying mobile in business decisions.

Hiring dedicated resources help you to reduce many costs such as, recruitment, fringe benefits, promotion, training, infrastructure etc. compared to your in-house employees.

We provide flexible hiring models suiting your needs on Monthly/Weekly/Hourly basis.

Why hire a resource from dct ?

Affordable cost

Quick reaction to project changes

Full team control and proper management

Well qualified developers

Better infrastructure

Saves time, energy and cost

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