Welcome to DCTecs

DCT is a renowned IT solutions provider company based in India. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions that generate revenue and drive growth. We support our clients in achieving their technological goals by seamlessly adopting the emerging technologies.

DCT is an innovation and design focused software solution services provider that is redefining how businesses go to market with technology. we work with small businesses, funded startups, Fortune 500. We cater to the needs of the daily requirement of your business through providing customer centric solutions. We deliver optimised solutions that best meet the modern technology problems.
Supported by a team of highly expert developers, we offer cutting edge solution. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to find your feet or an established brand, our software solutions will act as an engine for your business growth.

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App Development

Mobile App based services have become a part of our daily lives, we are spending more time online then we spend on any other single activity on our daily schedule. . We are in a digital age and for any requirement we look online before even blinking. This is the right time to enter the digital space or app based services, as now we have the echo system in place that support the services and it has a huge potential.

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Designing Services


For any business be it a startup or a large corporate the first thing the customer notice is the brand logo. It is very important to have a logo which can tell the story of your business. We at DCT have a creative studio which can take care of all your branding and marketing material needs be it Logo design, Stationary design, digital seasonal greetings, Digital Banners, Marketing Videos or Brochures. If you need a design we are here to create one for you.

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What makes your digital products from your competitors different is engaging and appealing UI/UX design. We collaborate closely with all of our clients to make sure that we’re coming up with the designing solutions that suit your needs perfectly. our designers work with you to pull all the visual elements together in a way that will positively brand and convey your desired company image.

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Web Development

Today digital presence of your business has become core for the business growth and websites plays an important role in marking your digital presence. We are a specialised web development company, which helps in crafting graceful and robust web solutions using latest technology and Java script that helps you penetrate the large market and get maximum results.

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Digital Marketing

We offer comprehensive solutions delivering measurable results that will grow your business, save your money, increase your client base and drive tangible conversions.


Move forward with an innovative, customized and high-performing solution, led by industry experts who know how to get you the results you want.

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Marketing Video

Marketing videos act as a podium for communicating who you are, what your company values and how you conduct business. We believe every brand has a story, one that is inherently unique..
Through visuals, we express the personality, emotion and value behind your brand. These characteristics prompt buyers to flock to you, vendors to partner with you and customers to stick with you.

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Range of services offered by us.

Testing Services

Today, testing has a very important part to play in software development. Our QA starts the process of testing by first understanding the requirements of the software and With Expertise they execute it with ease and perfection without any coding and special programs. Our QA deals with the problems on a conceptual level and from the point of view of users for both small and big projects.
So why take a chance, get your app tested by our QA today.

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Hire Resources

Hire the right candidate for the right job from the DCT, without spending much on infrastructure. We offer services that helps the company in getting top industry talent. We are well networked with all types of resources readily available to fulfill your specific project needs. Get in touch with us and we will offer the best qualified talent for you.

Mobile developers

Get free from the hassles of recruiting and training the app developers rather hire a qualified and dedicated developer from our in house team at reasonable price, customized to your requirements. Our team resources are skilled and proficient to give a complete solution from creating prototypes to developing clean codes to deploying and maintaining your solution with great expertise.

Web Developers

Hire web developers from DCTecs and create stunning websites for your business. We have an expert team of web designers and developers who are passionate to deliver most professional as well as creative websites. They figure out the relevant designs for your business and execute them with the use of latest technology.

Database Expert

Most of the projects have databases connected. Definitely those databases have to be managed under the experts supervision. Whether it is relational database like Mysql, Sql or other database, only experts can create and establish proper connections. Here at DCTecs, We have a team of substantial database experts who work in different project and resolve all the issues with their skills.

IT Staffing

The World’s Top Talent, On Demand

Welcome to your elite talent network. Build high-performing teams with the talent you need, exactly when you need it.

Requirement Gathering

Short Listing

Candidate Interview



Cryptography is a major financial trend today. This digital currency represents a paradigm shift away from the bank controlled centralized currencies such as dollars, Euros, rupees etc towards a decentralized peer-to-peer arrangement. Cryptography can be developed on many platforms. You can build your blockchain that is either a bitcoin, litecoin, or monero fork. Cryptography Development will allow you to have your own Cryptography that will enable you and your users to trade them as utility tokens or security tokens (STOs).

if you want to create your own Cryptography we are here to help. We create Cryptography that are safe, secure, and highly functional.

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Our expertise in blockchain development enable us to provide custom blockchain based solutions for applications in various industries. Decentralize and automate processes and save operational costs with strategically designed ICO, Smart contract, smart wallets, Hyperledger and other blockchain based solutions. Explore a world of possibilities with our services designed to give you the platform you need to succeed.